• Check-in time starting from 03:00 PM of the day of arrival (if you are planning to arrive at late night please let us know in advance)
  • IMPORTANT: check-in is made at Ambra Hotel, please read the following paragraph for the instructions about how to reach it through the limited traffic zone. Ambra is a hotel only 50 meters far from La Quadra Suites managed by the same property. After checking-in (IDs and payment) our staff will come with you to show your apartment and give your unique pin for entering.
  • Check-out before 11:00 AM of the day of departure


La Quadra Suites is in a pedestrian area in a very central position in Iseo old town. Unfortunately it is not possible to reach our property by car or motorbike. Thank to our central location, you will not need your car/auto during your stay.

You can reach by car/moto the Ambra Hotel (the place where you will have to check-in) to load-unload luggages and people, it is only 50 meters far from us. Ambra Hotel is inside the ZTL area (limited traffic zone). For entering the ZTL area please read the following important informations:

  • There are cameras at each gate of the ZTL area that will record any single entrance made by car or motorbike
  • Our guests can enter the ZTL area only through the “VIA DUOMO” street gate.
  • Our guests are not authorized to enter the other ZTL gates: “VIALE REPUBBLICA”, “LARGO DANTE” (PORTO G. ROSA), “LARGO ZANARDELLI” and “VIA MIROLTE”.
  • You can come to Ambra hotel reception desk and fill up the form to authorize your pass through the ZTL. We will require your plate number, date and time of entrance. The authorization must be made maximum 72 hour after the entrance.
  • The hotel will cover the expense (so it will be free for you) for 1 pass during the day of arrival and 1 pass during the day of the departure. If you need further authorizations for the ZTL area please contact the hotel reception desk.
  • If you have a disabled parking permit, we will need a photo or a scan of the permit. We can make unlimited free ZTL authorizations for disabled people.
  • For any further information you can contact us at +39 030 98 01 30.

SatNavs like Google Maps and Google Street View have not been updated yet according to the ZTL area rules and signs. Because of that if you want to use a GPS nav please don’t insert the hotel address. We suggest you to use “Via Duomo 48, Iseo” or “Via Duomo 50, Iseo” in order to reach the ZTL gate of “VIA DUOMO” street. You can go through that gate and then follow the street and the Ambra Hotel signs.

Following you can find the route currently available to reach the Ambra Hotel by car or motorbike:

  1. starting point “Via Roma” (main road of Iseo) driving from South to North
  2. turn left in “Via Mirolte” street (turn right if you are driving Via Roma from North to South)
  3. immediately turn right in “Via della Cerca” street
  4. at the first intersection turn right and get into “Via dei Cavalli” street (downhill road)
  5. at the stop sign, turn left in “Via Duomo” street (at the beginning of “Via Duomo” there is a ZTL gate with a camera to pass through, at your arrival we will authorize your car plate number to the local authority)
  6. drive until the road will be closed for the public works on the street and turn right in “Vicolo Bargnani”
  7. at the end of “Vicolo Bargnani” you will face the lake, turn left in “Lungolago Guglielmo Marconi”
  8. Drive straight on the lakeside until you reach the harbour, then stop your car on the street. Ambra Hotel will be on the left hand side, just behind a huge cedar tree


In front of the Ambra Hotel there is a small not fenced non-guarded garden where hotel guests can park their motorbike for free. Please let us know in advance if you need this service.


  • Free public parking (white parking – white lines) not covered, not guarded, 24H. Some suggestion:
    • Address: Via Gorzoni (visible on Google Maps as “Parcheggio Gorzoni”) with fee only on Friday, Saturday and Holidays so it’s free from Monday to Thursday if they are not holidays. 550 meters walking distance.
    • Address: Via Roma 12i. Near Livello Uno bar (also on the other side of the building), 800 meters walking distance.
    • Address: Viale Europa. Near Raw Fish sushi restaurant, 800 meters walking distance.
    • Address: Via Ninfea. Near “La Piadineria” fast food, 800 meters walking distance.

  • Parking with fee open 24H, not covered, fenced at “Centro Soccorso F.lli Consoli – ACI” in Viale Europa 1, 25049 Iseo (Brescia). The fee is 15 Euro per night and is located 600 meters far from our holiday apartments. Contact us for making a reservation.

  • Public parkings with parking meter (blue parking – blue lines) not covered, not guarded, 24H. Maximum payment 5 hours, free during the night, specific timetable depending by the parking and the season. Please note that showing the receipt on the dashboard is mandatory. Some suggestion:
    • Address: Viale Repubblica. Near the small roundabout, 350 meters walking distance.
    • Address: Via Mier (visible on Google Maps as “Parcheggio Stazione”). 400 meters walking distance.
    • Address: Via Lungolago Guglielmo Marconi 1. Near restaurant Lido dei Platani, 350/450 meters walking distance.

We have also a limited number of prepaid cards that let you park for free on blue parkings (blue lines) without time limit. Due to the limited number and because we give them for free, this service is not reservable and not guaranteed. We will give them in order of arrival.

IMPORTANT: we reccomend you to pay attention to the parking signs in any parking lot in Iseo. Each parking can have limitations like time limit, street cleaning, events, markets, etc…

Reach us by train

Iseo has a local train station, part of the Brescia-Iseo-Edolo railway. The train station is just 500 meters walking from our property. The timetable is available on TRENORD company website. By switching train in Brescia you can connect to any major city.

Reach us by plane

Nearest airports are:

  • Orio al Serio “Caravaggio” (Milan Bergamo BGY): 40 km
  • Brescia Montichiari VBS: 25 km
  • Verona Villafranca VRN: 75 km
  • Milan Malpensa MXP: 120 km
  • Milam Linate LIN: 80 km

Reach us by bus

A seconda della linea può variare l’indirizzo della fermata.

Reach us by Taxi from Airports/Train Stations/Bus stations


If needed, during both the arrival and the departure day you can store your luggage for free at Ambra Hotel reception.